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The ForteRight Arcade

Play it. Learn it.

The Fun Way to Learn Piano.

  • Visualize

    The Arcade visualizer attaches to most 88-key pianos and keyboards, converting them into a gaming system!

  • Your Song

    Choose the songs you want to play from our library. Play what you love, and learning becomes easy.

  • Play It

    Learn the song in Practice Mode, and then challenge yourself to play it. Set highscores and improve over time!

  • Learn It

    Improvement comes easy when playing video games. Get good, and share your music with your friends.


Key Features

Going from good to great.


We believe in making our technology accessible to all. The Arcade will retail for under $350. Get it now on Kickstarter for only $199! (Early Bird Special)


Designed like a video game, all you have to do is follow the on-screen cues. Complete challenges, set new high scores, and share it with your friends!


You thought it was all a game? Guess what, getting good at this game means mastering the piano!

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